At Prema, we bring you unique and the best quality products!

All new Sacred Scents:

In my new division of Sacred Scents i have 100% natural, oil based roll on perfumes, 100% Natural Incense and Palo santo Spray.

Sacred Scents roll-on perfume is made from Prema Absolute essential oils! Perfect for the skin, as a natural perfume or to use for any spiritual practice. The spirit of the plants are high frequency and are here to bring us harmony, protection and love! Set your intention and use them as needed. Each Scent brings us something magical!

Hand rolled, 100% Natural Incense. No chemicals or synthetic fragrances used (our health is important to us). Incense comes in Holy Sandalwood, Divine Jasmine, Sacred Lotus and Blissful Nag Champa, each scent bringing in their unique and wonderful properties to support us!

Handmade 100% natural, Palo Santo spray, perfect for cleansing and protection. Palo Santo, known as holy wood, raises our frequency, clears and harmonizes our energy and spaces around us. Palo Santo uplifts and calms us. So Beautiful!!

Prema Essential oils:

Prema Essential Oils have new ranges and new oils now in!

Prema Absolute Range! 17 amazing oils, sold at wholesale prices. These unique Absolutes and Attars are high frequency, 100% pure, undiluted and organic. Each oil brings us something truly special and magical. They truly are Sacred Scents! The Spirit of these plants; balance, heal and bring light into our lives and so much more. On this website, more information can be obtained about each Essential oil. Listing the properties, uses and healing benefits in more detail. This way you can see what oil resonates with you the most 🙂

Absolute blend range. This option is a bit easier on the pocket, although prices are still amazing in all the ranges! Prema Absolute blends are 100% natural blends made from the Prema Absolute range, offering all the same oils that are available. Their healing and benefits are just as strong and amazing as the Prema Absolutes.

Prema Essentials also offers the Traditional essential oil range of aromatherapy oils at great prices. All oils are 100% pure, natural and undiluted. Thus bringing you amazing value and quality throughout!

Tranquility Herbal Combination:

Prema health stocks Tranquility herbal range, for a wide variety of products catering for all your health needs. What makes Tranquility amazing, is the combination of herbs used in a perfect synergy, to bring about outstanding results. The ingredients used are of the highest quality. Prema Health now offers auryvedic herbs too!

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Showing 1–12 of 52 results