Shamanic Clearings

flower bath 1


Smoke Bath At Prema we offer Shamanic Clearings. These are flower Baths, vapour baths and Smoke baths. This helps us to clear away dense energy and uplift our spirits. The Flower baths help us raise our frequency and to  bring in more love, light, happiness and prosperity into our lives. Here we use a number of different plants, herbs and flowers, that are seeped and blessed in water. Once the flower water is ready we bathe the whole body in it. The smoke bath consists of certain plants and woods that are burnt. Here we allow the smoke to permeate the body and spirit. Vapour baths are truly special, a sort of plant sauna. Here certain plants are used, which are boiled for a certain period of time. Once ready, we cover the body head to too in a natural Sauna effect allowing the steam to penetrate the whole body. This is an amazing healing experience, which allows the cold in our body to dissipate and is wonderful for treating illness of all kinds. These are absolutely amazing and bring amazing benefits  into our lives, home, ceremonies… perfect for setting intention, cleansing and bringing more light into our lives!

 Shamanic feather