Sacred Scents

 All new Sacred Scents

All Sacred Scents are 100% natural products that contain no animal based products or synthetic chemicals or fragrances. Our products reflect our deep respect for the world of plants. We offer a wide selection of natural scents derived from natural organic sources.

In my new division of Sacred Scents I have 100% natural, oil based roll on perfumes, 100% Natural Incense, Sacred Palo santo Spray and Special Essential oil blends.

Sacred Scents roll-on perfume is made from Prema Absolute essential oils! Perfect for the skin, as a natural perfume or to use for any spiritual practice. The spirit of the plants are high frequency and are here to bring us harmony, protection and love! Set your intention and use them as needed. Each Scent brings us something magical!

Handmade 100% natural, Palo Santo spray, perfect for cleansing and protection. Palo Santo, known as holy wood, raises our frequency, clears and harmonizes our energy and spaces around us. Palo Santo uplifts and calms us. So Beautiful!!

Hand-rolled, 100% natural incense from India.  Comes in four amazing Scents of Divine Jasmine, Holy Sandalwood, Blissful Nag Champ and Sacred Lotus. *No synthetic chemicals or fragrances used*

Special Essential oil Blends; made with high quality essential oils.  These blends have been carefully formulated and set with divine intention for your unique needs.

Each scent has different intentions, uses and benefits which make them special and unique, to suit your needs, giving you a truly sentient experience!

*All products have been blessed with the love and healing energy of Shipibo Master Healer Plant as well as the Divine energy of Amma. These perfumes have bee attuned to a higher frequency and vibration to bring support and its special qualities to each individual

All sacred scents are handmade with love and care!

*More amazing products to come*

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