Healing Therapy

My spiritual awakening started at a very young age and my path has never wavered from developing my latent healing gifts. Through many years of dedicated personal growth, focused healing practices and professional training; has allowed me to share my gifts in service to others. Guiding by spirit and with pure intent, my sessions bring a unique healing experience.

Healing sessions includes shamanic clearings, energy healing, plant frequency healing, aromatherapy, crystals and more! Each session is personalised according to the intention of the client and what is required to serve their higher self. The healing sessions bring harmony to self; calming and energizes the mind, body and soul.

Sessions may include extra treatments such as vapour baths, smoke baths, flower baths or massage treatments.

Herbal packages may be put together, depending on what is needed for the client.

Personalised Aromatherapy blends may also be included into a treatment package.

*Personalised package/s is available, upon request*

The spirit of the plants are eager to help us heal and become whole, this therapy will bring great benefit on a physical, psychological and spiritual level!


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