Absolute Essential Oils

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I am very excited to announce my new Prema Absolute Range! 17 amazing oils, sold at wholesale prices. These unique Absolutes and Attars are high frequency, 100% pure, undiluted and organic. Unique and special oils sourced from India and Peru. Each oil brings us something truly special and magical. They truly are Sacred Scents! The Spirit of these plants; balance, heal and bring light into our lives and so much more. Under each Absolute, more information can be obtained about each Essential oil. Listing the properties, uses and healing benefits in more detail. This way you can see what oil resonates with you the most 🙂

These Absolutes are perfect for a home uses, health, beauty products, perfume and clearing sprays and your spiritual practice of all kinds!

*All products have been blessed with the love and healing energy of Shipibo Master Healer Plant as well as the Divine energy of Amma. These oils have bee attuned to a higher frequency and vibration to bring about the healing and energy that is needed for each individual.

*Although these oils are already at wholesale value, when buying 20 or more oils you receive an additional 30% off *