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Prema, Divine Love in Sanskrit, is dedicated to creating a conscious life of love, hormony and health. We offer herbal products, essential oils, yoga classes, Shamanic products, Healing and more!

All new Sacred Scents, Botanical Perfumery:

All Sacred Scent perfumes are 100% natural and contain no animal based products or synthetic chemicals or fragrances. Our perfume collections reflect our deep respect for the world of plants. We offer a wide selection of natural scents derived from natural organic sources.

In my new division of Sacred Scents I have 100% natural, oil based roll on perfumes, Sacred Palo santo Spray and  100% Natural Incense.

Sacred Scents roll-on perfume is made from Prema Absolute essential oils! Perfect for the skin, as a natural perfume or to use for any spiritual practice. The spirit of the plants are high frequency and are here to bring us harmony, protection and love! Set your intention and use them as needed. Each Scent brings us something magical!

Handmade 100% natural, Palo Santo spray, perfect for cleansing and protection. Palo Santo, known as holy wood, raises our frequency, clears and harmonizes our energy and spaces around us. Palo Santo uplifts and calms us. So Beautiful!!

Each scent has different intentions, uses and benefits which make them special and unique, to suit your needs, giving you a truly sentient experience!

*All products have been blessed with the love and healing energy of Shipibo Master Healer Plant as well as the Divine energy of Amma. These perfumes have bee attuned to a higher frequency and vibration to bring support and its special qualities to each individual

All sacred scents are handmade with love and care!

*More amazing products to come*


Herbal Products:

At Prema Health we stock a wide range of Tranquillity Herbal combinations, catering for all your health needs. What makes Tranquility amazing, is the combination of herbs used in a perfect synergy, to bring about outstanding results. The ingredients used are of the highest quality. Prema Health now offers auryvedic herbs too! Aimed at bringing balance back to the body that is in a state of dis-ease. Tranquillity Herbal Combinations has been creating a wide range of tinctures, capsules and creams for many years. Perfecting the art of herbal combinations in the perfect synergy. Bringing you the best quality and results. All tinctures are pure mother tinctures. All capsules used are vegetable cellulose and suitable for vegans.

Tranquillity - Green

Prema Essential Oils:

Prema Essential Oils have new ranges and new oils now in! All new Prema Absolute Range! 17 amazing oils, sold at wholesale prices. These unique Absolutes and Attars are high frequency, 100% pure, undiluted and organic. Each oil brings us something truly special and magical. They truly are Sacred Scents! The Spirit of these plants; balance, heal and bring light into our lives and so much more. On the website, more information can be obtained about each Essential oil. Listing the properties, uses and healing benefits in more detail. This way you can see what oil resonates with you the most 🙂

Next, the Absolute blend range. This option is a bit easier on the pocket, although prices are still amazing in all the ranges! Prema Absolute blends are 100% natural blends made from the Prema Absolute range, offering all the same oils that are available. Their healing and benefits are just as strong and amazing as the Prema Absolutes.

Prema Essentials also offers the Traditional essential oil range of aromatherapy oils at great prices. All oils are 100% pure, natural and undiluted. Thus bringing you amazing value and quality throughout!


At Prema; I offer traditional Satyananda yoga. Classes typically include 1 hour of Asana (postures), including 30 minutes of pranayama (breath work), meditation or yoga nidra. This allows for a wholesome practice of authentic yoga, to harmonise, relax and energize. The intention of the classes is expand awareness, mindfulness and to reconnect with ourselves. Leading us down the path of self-realization, healthy living and personal growth. Through dedicated and conscious practice, yoga will being benefit to all aspects of our daily lives. Yoga opens the pathways to spirit; so more light can flow through the body, releasing stagnation and blockages that no longer serve us! Group and private yoga classes are available. Classes are small and intimate to bring each person individual attention. Private sessions can be held in the comfort of your own home, and classes are created to suit your own preferences and individual needs.

Meditation, Pranayama and Yoga Nidra:

It is important to keep a healthy mind during our daily and sometimes stressful lives. Meditation, pranayama and yoga nidra are amazing techniques that helps us learn to cope with any stressful events that may arise. They help us to develop awareness and mindfulness that can support us in our personal and work environment. Each technique offers something special. Once a week I will be offering 1 hour of selection of these techniques, and how to incorporate this into a daily life. By quieting the mind, and allowing ourselves to just be in the moment, we can access higher consciousness where healing can take place. These classes are perfect for beginners or anyone already on the spiritual path. All are welcome!

Healing sessions:

My spiritual awakening started at a very young age and my path has never wavered from developing my latent healing gifts. Through many years of dedicated personal growth, focused healing practices and professional training; has allowed me to share my gifts in service to others. Guiding by spirit and with pure intent, my sessions bring a unique healing experience.

Healing sessions includes shamanic clearings, energy healing, plant frequency healing, aromatherapy, crystals and more! Each session is personalised according to the intention of the client and what is required to serve their higher self. The healing sessions bring harmony to self; calming and energizes the mind, body and soul.

Sessions may include extra treatments such as vapour baths, smoke baths, flower baths or massage treatments.

Herbal packages may be put together, depending on what is needed for the client.

Personalised Aromatherapy blends may also be included into a treatment package.

*Personalised package/s is available, upon request*

For more Information, Please contact Callis Masureik on info@premahealth.co.za

For more information on classes, healing sessions or products, please contact Callis on 0824103497 or send us an email

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